New York, Parenting and Victoria Beckham

Cade being attacked by a stuffed giraffe in FAO Schwartz.

Quick update on my NY trip: meeting with Parenting went well – wow they are really great people and Stephanie and I just loved Susan Kane, the new Editor-in-Chief. She’s dividing the magazine into two magazines starting in February – one will focus on baby and toddler years and one will focus on the school-age years. I think that’s a brilliant idea because now that my kids are school-aged, I have a hard time finding as many topics that are useful to me in the parenting mags. The sweater dress worked well. I was comfy and warm (so there, Stephanie). And I made it to the meeting without crumbs on my rear end.

In the end I did not regret bringing Cade, but there were moments when I seriously questioned my decision. He had a meltdown in the hotel room but redeemed himself the next day. And he did yell out “What the hell!” on the train once. He used the right context and inflection and everything. I swear, I have never heard him say that before. When I told him that was not an appropriate thing to say, he looked shocked and said, “Really?” I immediately explained to my family that his father does say that a lot…clearly not my fault.

He loved the shows. It was worth the gazillion dollars the trip cost to watch him during the Radio City Christmas Show. He stayed on the edge of his seat the entire hour and kept putting on the 3-D glasses throughout just in case. We also saw Mary Poppins the next day, which was excellent, even though they changed it quite a bit from the movie. The show lasted almost three hours but it held both Anna and Cade’s attention the entire time…impressive.

After dinner Saturday night we walked back to the hotel in falling snow. Just flurries but beautiful with all the lights and decorations. Nothing like New York to get you into the Christmas spirit…that is if you don’t turn into the scrooge navigating all the massive crowds. I find it hard to believe the economy is really that bad with all the people we saw jammed into Macy’s and Toys ‘R Us and FAO Schwarz, which is where we ran into Victoria Beckham, by the way. (She says hi.) My mom spotted her and we tried to tail her but she gave us the slip in the Lego section. I gave up but my mom (who has a reputation for stalking celebrities) did not. When it was time to meet back up with my mom and my sisters at the front of the store, they were standing right next to Posh and her two identically dressed body guards. (She was definitely not trying to be incognito.) We played it cool and didn’t take any pictures.

When my older sister told her husband we ran into Victoria Beckham, he said “Oh yeah, the Spice Girl, which one was she? Plush?”

My family is so hip.

Sara is the author of The Mommy Chronicles: Conversations Sharing the Comedy and Drama of Pregnancy and New Motherhood (Hay House, 2005) and The Must-Have Mom Manual coming from Ballantine/Random House April, 2009.


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