Beware of the Bratzillas

Kids are about to don all sorts of spooky attire for Halloween but some of the scariest kids don’t have to wear costumes at all. They’re called “Bratzillas” — you know, kids that seem to run wild while their parents stand by blissfully oblivious or chalk up their child’s bad behavior to a myriad of excuses. It’s one thing if this bad behavior happens in public, but quite another if it’s in your house. What do you do if your friend’s child is running amok in your house and the parents say nothing? Worse, what if you fear your own children could be in danger of getting hurt by your friend’s little Tasmanian Devil? Do YOU discipline the child?

It’s a sticky subject, because your adult friend may take offense if you discipline her child, but at the same time, you can’t let your child — or your furniture — get abused by an out of control kid. I heard a show on NPR about this subject the other night, and although I’d never heard the term “Bratzilla” I could definitely relate to the predicament. And I’ve heard from enough of my mom friends to know I’m not alone. One mom I know even moved to get her kids away from an out of control child whom the parents thought could do no wrong despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

Adult friendships can get strained or even end when parents don’t discipline their kids, particularly in YOUR house. Have you ever had to end a friendship because of the children? Or have you ever been on the other side of the situation — your friend ended a relationship with you?

You can listen to the NPR story here:

Sara Ellington is the author of The Mommy Chronicles: Conversations Sharing the Comedy and Drama of Pregnancy and New Motherhood (Hay House, 2005) and The Must-Have Mom Manual (Ballantine/Random House, April 2009) now available at Target!


One thought on “Beware of the Bratzillas

  1. Great post. Sadly, I did have a friendship quietly drift away due to her poorly behaved child. We had been good friends (not best but close enough) but our kids just didn’t get along. The older they got, the worse the situation became until it erupted in middle school. Our friendship just wasn’t strong enough to withstand it. In hindsight, I should have seen it coming. The signs that our friendship wasn’t as strong as I thought were there.

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