They love us in Canada!

Canadians have discovered The Must-Have Mom Manual. Check out this review from the Edmonton Journal:

The Must-Have Mom Manual:

Two Mothers, Two Perspectives, One Book That Tells You Everything You Need To Know

By Sara Ellington and Stephanie Triplett

Ballantine Books, $20

New mothers will crack up through this book, which is written in the style of The Girlfriend’s Guide To Pregnancy. The premise behind the manual? “There is no one right way to be a mom.” The two authors go back and forth on all kinds of questions, from leaving your kid in the car (“just for a second”) to modern-day parenting (“Are we busier than our moms were, or just bigger whiners?”).

A tip from the book: “Often the toughest part is just getting kids to even try new foods. Reward them for it with an extra story at bedtime, an extra check on their responsibility chart, or just about anything that’s appropriate, except candy!”
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