To spank or not to spank?

Spanking is one of those issues I really thought was pretty much resolved. Parents aren’t suppose to spank. It’s bad for kids. End of story. But maybe it’s not that simple. Maybe spanking has been getting a bad rep. Would you believe that there are some experts and studies that actually say spanking can be a GOOD thing for kids? I didn’t believe it either until I was invited to participate in a radio interview discussion of spanking vs. not spanking on BAM Radio. While I am not a proponent of spanking, I do think the discipline has swung too far to the lenient side. Parents are supposed to let children express every emotion while we are counting to ten and guzzling wine to stifle our own. Yet, is spanking really okay? Everyone from Dr. Phil to Dr. Sears says no. Do kids who are never spanked turn out better?

Most of the advocates of spanking tend to base their beliefs on religion, but not Marjorie Gunnoe who recently conducted a study on spanking. You can listen to the interview here (it’s brief). What do you think?


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