Analyzing motherhood

I recently was asked to review the galley of Amy Wilson’s upcoming book, When Did I Get Like This? I met Amy last year when I saw her off-Broadway show The Mother Load. The show was fabulous – funny, smart and real — all us moms in the audience were nodding our heads and laughing non-stop. Amy Wilson has serious talent. And after reading her book, it’s obvious she has serious writing chops too. (And she’s damn pretty — the kind of pretty you don’t have to work at. This combination of talent and beauty might be really annoying if she wasn’t so likable.)

I didn’t just enjoy When Did I Get Like This?, I related to it and found it thought provoking. Amy gives voice to so many of the questions and thoughts I’ve had in the course of nine years of motherhood. But what I liked most of all is that she gives motherhood the status it deserves. Just read this line from the book:

“Motherhood is still seen as a waste of a smart woman’s mind, as if motherhood were beneath her talents, rather than the job that most requires every ounce of strength and ingenuity that she possesses.”

THAT has just become one of my favorite quotes on motherhood of all time. The book comes out April 6th and I think moms of all ages and stages will find humor and meaning in it.


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