Getting back into the back-to-school grove – LIVE FACEBOOK CHAT

This Wednesday (9/14) from 1-2pm ET I’ll be hosting a live facebook chat on the Better Oats (makers of yummy and nutritious oatmeal) facebook page.

I don’t know about you, but the morning routine is a little crazy around my house! I’ve discovered a few ways to make our mornings run smoother and I’m happy to share those with you on the chat tomorrow. I’d love to hear your ideas too! What have you tried that makes getting the kids off to school a little easier?

The calm AFTER the morning storm at our house!

Here are some other things I’d love to talk about with you: How has your school year started out? What do you think about your child’s teacher? How about homework – is it too much or too little? What kind of after school activities are your kids involved in? And how do you know when to cut back or ramp up the activities? Are your kids doing chores around the house? Do they get an allowance? Do you require your kids to do their homework first before they can have a friend over or give them a little play time first before tackling their assignments?

What would YOU like to talk about? What are your hopes, concerns and questions as this new school year gets underway? Send me your questions and let’s chat on Wednesday here. By sending your comment, you’ll be automatically entered to win a signed copy of The Must-Have Mom Manual! So send those questions and comments right away!

I look forward to talking with you!



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